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Coming Events and Activities

Workshops & Events for Students, Teachers, Alumni & SOE Faculty

New York Times is Sponsoring an All-Day Conference "Schools for Tomorrow: Building a Better Teacher"

September 13th

NY Times

Conference speakers include Dennis Walcott, Linda Darling-Hammond, David Brooks and many other interesting people. We are delighted that the Times is streaming the Conference live as well as archiving the conference at no cost to viewers. Go to the following web site: to see it streamed live or to this same web site to see it anytime after it has been archived. Also use the site now to see the Conference agenda, speakers and for additional information. The opening session begins with Linda Darling-Hammond and David Brooks at 9:10 a.m.

Workshop/Demonstration in Teaching With Socratic Seminars

Tuesday, October 2nd, 10:00 am- Noon, NAC 4/220B

NY Times

How do classrooms sound when students are engaged in rigorous and meaningful dialogue? Socratic Seminars are based on the premise that all students are capable of serious discourse and eager to participate in it. This workshop will focus on the processes used when doing Socratic Seminars and on the differences between debate, discussion, and dialogue. Participants will learn how to ask questions that are aimed at promoting a balanced and open-minded consideration of ideas. They will recognize how active listening, respect for all opinions, and other pro-social skills can be taught through Socratic Seminars.

Ms. Nancy Letts
Nancy Letts

During this workshop Ms. Nancy Letts, a nationally known expert on Socratic Seminars, will work with Professor Catherine Franklin's Inquiry class to demonstrate these processes. Participation in this workshop will provide School of Education faculty members with many of the skills they will need to do Socratic Seminars around education topics they presently teach as well as the skills their students will need to conduct Socratic seminars with their K-12 students. In addition, School of Education faculty will identify indicators of successful practice and plan for ways to incorporate seminars into their present curriculum. Although this event is primarily for SOE faculty, all students and alumni are welcome to attend.

About Nancy Letts: Nancy Letts consults with school districts, professional organizations and public sector agencies throughout the United States, Asia, and Australia. She received an M.A. degree in Integrated Mathematics and Science from Long Island University. Her areas of focus include educational equity around issues of gender, race, and socioeconomic class; Socratic Seminar training; school based management; and effective group dynamics. We anticipate making a video of this session. If so, we will ask those not willing to be filmed to sit in a certain section of the audience.

Using SmartBoards in the Classroom

Doris Grasserbauer
Doris Grasserbauer

This hands-on workshop is for School of Education students, faculty, alumni and cooperating teachers. The workshops are structured around the experience level and the specific subject matter taught by the participants. For entry level, we will start with the basics and then dive into the interactive classroom possibilities depending on the needs and interests of the participants. During the advanced workshop you will work with the instructor to create your own classroom material. No matter what your level of experience, you will get a chance to use the SmartBoard.

You are welcome to attend more than one workshop.


  • September 25, 2012 - 4 to 5pm - NA 4/221 - Entry Level
  • October 23, 2012 - 4 to 5pm - NA 4/221 -
  • Advanced November 27, 2012 - 4 to 5pm - NA 4/221 -
  • Entry Level December 18, 2012 - 4 to 5pm - NA 4/221 - Advanced

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If a workshop has to be canceled you will be contacted via email. Assume your registration is confirmed unless you hear otherwise. Please note the session(s) you sign up for as reminders will not be sent out.

Library Hour for SOE Students & Faculty

Thursdays 5:00-6:00 pm
NAC 2/204 (2nd floor of Cohen Library)

Jacqueline Gill
Jacqueline Gill

The SOE Library hour this spring is being held every Thursday from 5 to 6pm in NAC 2/204 (2nd floor of Cohen Library). You do not have to make arrangements, just drop in.

During that hour the Information Literacy Coordinator Professor Jacqueline A. Gill will be available for faculty, staff and students to answer questions about the library and research within the library resources. Should you not be able to come during that hour, Professor Gill is also available via blog at, via email at and via phone at 212-650-6089.

Faculty can discuss and arrange library visits and workshops. Professor Gill can be invited to education classes to introduce herself and provide an overview of how the library can help students meet their research needs. Furthermore she conducts workshops each semester to introduce faculty and staff to the Library resources

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